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Music Workshop with A-TRAK!!

If the Make Something!! School hadn’t come alive already, it certainly has now. With the beat of drums, dancing, and a festival in itself, as the students learnt from the best, in DJ A-Trak, pulling together their own beat. With the World Basketball Celebration just a week away, and the banners, flags, costumers and puppets all taking shape, it was time for the students to get onto the performance itself… it’s going to be impressive!

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  1. […] Last week I did a workshop in New York for the Make Something!! School in association with Nike. They’ve been getting people like Todd James, Carri Munden from Cassette Playa, Todd Selby and more to come in and work with teenagers from the City. They’re all preparing a big blowout ceremony that will be taking place next weekend at the World Basketball Festival. In my case, I was asked to help the kids come up with a 1 minute musical performance. Check the video from Nike above, and more info on the Make Something!! blog. […]